These Complaints About Millennials Are Actually Good Reasons You Should Hire Them

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I've spent a fair amount of my career training millennials on a variety of work-related topics. I also work with millennials every day, as the founder and former CEO of the world's largest training company. ...

‘What, you’re pregnant too?’ One comment triggers discrimination lawsuit

A recent lawsuit proves once again that one offhand comment by a manager can be enough to result in a costly legal battle. 
Alena Fassbender was a medication aide at Correct Care Solutions, a company that provides healthcare for prison inmates. ...

Why workplace diversity means better business

A diverse workplace tends to improve productivity and business performance, according to a white paper from Thomas International.
The paper pulls together pertinent research from around the world on the impact workplace diversity has on organisations. ...

Role of Human Resources in the Workplace

Human resources are the people who work in an organization. It is also the name of the department that exists to serve the needs of those people.William R. Tracey, in The Human Resources Glossary, defines human resources as, "The people that staff and operate an organization… as contrasted with the financial and material resources of an organization. ...

Brace yourself: Your employees want raises, or they’re leaving

If you want to keep employees from jumping ship, you may have to loosen the purse strings a little.
Reason: A recent study found that the vast majority of U.S. employees (81%) are dissatisfied with the salary and benefits their employers are offering. ...

Down and Dirty: Ten Most Germy Jobs

If you feel guilty the next time you pick up the phone to take a sick day, you may be slightly comforted to know that your job might have been the source of your illness.
Whether you work in an office or in a setting where the unclean things around you are more visible, you're likely to encounter plenty of microbes in your workplace. ...

FMLA lawsuit: 7 stupid words that could cost this employer big

Wells Fargo had mountains of well-documented evidence to back up its decision to fire a poorly performing employee, but a simple phrase by a clueless manager could wind up making all that evidence moot.
And if the lawsuit — Stewart v. ...

10 Things I've Learned From Workplace Politics

Note: this is not about any workplace in particular.

They say you shouldn’t burn bridges, and that’s true. But I’ve burned bridges before, and it’s hard not to be angry sometimes if you feel like you’ve been taken advantage of. ...

Does Your Onboarding Process Need to be Better -- and Longer?

Experts say new-hire onboarding typically doesn't get the funding or attention it needs.
How long should a new employee's onboarding take?
Some say it should last as long as a year -- Michael Gretczko, a principal at Deloitte, says onboarding should be an "acculturation" process that, by necessity, should be spread out over months, if not a year. ...

What exactly is business casual? A do’s and don’ts dress code policy

If you’re telling new hires that your dress policy is “business casual,” you can bet they’ll do three things before they show up for work the next day. 
They are:

Google “business casual”
Then, after reading too much confusing and contradictory advice online, they’ll call a friend to ask “Hey Mike, what the heck is business casual?”, and
Overdress for their first day of work (and for a few days thereafter until they pick up on what your version of business casual really is). ...