5 Simple ways to help improve workplace culture



At the centre of most organisations is a thriving company culture. However, “Change isn’t easy; it’s not smooth; and it probably won’t happen overnight,” Psychologist Dr Tim Sharp says. So how do you work towards a thriving work culture?

Positive Psychologist Dr Tim Sharp says that a healthy, positive culture is more than just a feeling around the office. It involves constant monitoring from key leaders, workplace health strategies and employee wellbeing programs to help improve the health of your employees, and a level of accountability to really facilitate change.

Here are five simple tips you can use to help improve your workplace culture, if you feel it needs a bit of a boost;

  • Flexible work practices 

Flexible working is all the buzz at the moment. And while many businesses support flexible working on paper, many are unsure about how to make it work in practice. Traditionally flexible working is thought as late start times or early finishes to assist with personal commitments, but now it has expanded into how we work and use time throughout the day. Think about whether encouraging employees to work remotely or offline for periods of time might help boost focus and productivity. Encourage more social interactions and collaboration via open plan workstations and schedule standing or walking meetings sometimes to help maintain energy.

  • Show gratitude and appreciation 

When an employee delivers good output, they usually get a “good job”, pat on the back, or perhaps their accomplishments go unnoticed. Lack of recognition can lead employees to become dispirited. A little thank you can go a long way, but it should be thoughtful and personalised. Take a few minutes to tell them why you’re grateful for the work they do, and highlight something specific that they’re doing well. Whatever you do, express sincere appreciation – make sure they know you mean it.

  • Embrace openness 

One of the most powerful improvements you can make to your culture is being honest, encouraging transparency and being open and encouraging of your employees’ opinions, ideas and solutions without judgment. Foster regular communication and collaboration, encourage constructive feedback from people you don’t normally work with, and share with the team successes and failures so that people feel involved.

  • Celebrate success 

It is easy to forget about the great work you’ve just finished, because you’re already half way through the next project. You should take the time to stop and celebrate the efforts you and your employees put into a job well done. Whether it is closing a deal or achieving results over and above expected performance, you should take a break and celebrate even the small wins. Celebrate with a notable mention in a team meeting, give them a congratulatory note or perhaps a team outing.

  • Prevent “The Burnout”

There are a number of work-related factors; such as unreasonable job demands, inadequate resourcing and lack of social support that can contribute to employee burnout which can create a toxic company culture. When your employees have a well-balanced life between work and other activities, they will be more satisfied and motivated. You could look to implement a series of lunchtime meditation workshops which could help improve focus and concentration later in the day.



Source: bupahealthierworkplaces.com.au