Opening a New Location: A Short Guide to Expanding Your Business


Opening a new business location can expand your customer base, allow you to make substantially more money and give you more room for storage and operational activities. If you want to derive the greatest benefit from a second location, you need to make sure that the process of setting it up is handled quickly, efficiently and smoothly. Here are four steps you can take to get your second location off to a great start.


Be Picky about Location


Though it can be tempting to take whatever real estate is available, the property for your second location should be carefully selected. You should find a location that is far enough from your current one that it will largely appeal to a different customer base. It should also be close to or in a significant population center and have good visibility from a main road. If you can find a piece of property that fits all of these criteria, you’ll have a good location in which to establish a second presence for your business.


Give Experienced Staff Opportunities in the New Location


Part of opening a second location is putting a new staff in place. Not only is this a great opportunity to bring new talent into your organization, but it is also a chance to reward the workers who have helped you build your business in its original location. Rather than hiring from the outside, try to find candidates for management and supervisory roles in the new location from the people who work in your original one. This will make it easy to put experienced leadership in place while at the same time creating more satisfied employees.


Hire Professional Movers


Though you’ll almost certainly have to buy some new equipment to support a second location, there will be at least some equipment moving involved in almost any business expansion. Rather than devote valuable employees to this effort, you should hire a professional moving service like Bekins Van Lines Inc. or someone similar to handle it for you. Not only will this save you time and maintain productivity, but it will also give you the security of knowing that your equipment is insured against damage as it is being transported.


Make the New Location Look Great


If the property you’ve chosen for your new location is an existing building rather than one you’re constructing, you may want to invest in some updates before opening. New flooring, lighting and paint can go a long way toward making an older building look more modern. This step is especially important if your business is one in which customers will come in, as they will form a more positive impression if your building looks better.


These tips will help to make sure your business’ second location is successful from the start. Put them to use as you prepare to open it and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just what a large difference they can make.



By: Kara Masterson


Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys Tennis and spending time with her family.