5 Reasons You Should Celebrate YOUR Courage and Confidence as a Woman


March is Women’s History Month and it isn’t surprising that all month long, you (hopefully) have been celebrating the woman you are and your courage and confidence to create a world that’s worth living in.


Now before you start thinking that those are lofty words but really, you’re **just** a mom or **just** a wife, let me share with you 5 rock solid reasons you should be celebrating your courage and confidence as a woman, not only in March but all through the year:


1. You’ve Got a Rich History Behind You


First of all, you’re a woman. Reason enough to celebrate. You’ve got a rich history of women behind you who’ve scaled mountains unthinkably high and overcome challenges seemingly unachievable. You have heroes like Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, Billie Jean King, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Virginia Woolf, Sally Ride and so many others in your history. Yes, every woman’s history. Take pride in that! Celebrate it.


2. You Take Action to Improve Your Life and The Life Around You EVERY DAY


Whether it is big or small, at home or at work, on our self or on those around us, every day, we’re taking action to make life better and that is reason to celebrate. You have the confidence to make a change, to take action and to improve life.


Making sure the kids are eating healthier by cooking meals from scratch? Celebrate it!


Created a process at work that saves time and dollars? Woot!


Helped out a neighbor by babysitting or simply lending a listening ear? Feel good about it!


3. You Are Creating an Impact on the Younger Generation


Whether you’re a mom or not, you are influencing those younger to you in many ways.


It can be the young intern at work who admires your passion and commitment.


It can be your younger sibling who looks to you for career or relationship advice.


It can be the teenager in the building who you’re mentoring and helping find clarity.


Yes, you have the courage to create an impact just like the women we admire today and I don’t see why we shouldn’t celebrate that!


4. You Are Achieving Your Goals


You’re a woman who’s got goals and you achieve them. You don’t have to write an award-winning book or win the Nobel Prize to celebrate your achievements.


Whether it is losing those last 5 pounds, running a charity run or saving for that holiday, if you’ve set your goals and accomplished them, you’re an achiever and you should celebrate your confidence.


5. You Have Talents, Abilities and Skills That Shine


Most importantly, you should celebrate all your talents, abilities and skills that make you uniquely you. And before you say, you don’t have any, let me stop you right there!


Can you drive a car? Yes? That’s a skill many women in many parts of the world don’t have.


Can you sew, bake a cake, knit, crochet, cook a delicious meal, have an eye for décor or are awesomely organized? Those, my friend, are talents to be hugely proud of and celebrate!


You see, we have many, many reasons to celebrate our courage and confidence as women today and it doesn’t take much to do that either. Reach out to another woman and let her know she’s appreciated or admired or just thought of.


Celebrate yourself for your courage and confidence with courage and confidence. 



By:  Prerna Malik

Source: thecubiclechick.com