5 benefits of hiring a bilingual employee

Bilingual employees offer innumerable benefits to your business. Many scientific studies have found that people who can speak more than one language enhance the workplace for others, as these individuals are often skilled multitaskers with impressive communication skills. ...

Using a Job Offer as Leverage Is No Longer a Big No-No

No HR professional likes to invest hours in reviewing a resume, conducting multiple interviews, checking references and negotiating salary—only to learn that the candidate has used a job offer to wrangle higher pay out of her current employer.
But with competition for talented employees growing fierce in today’s job market, employment experts say HR departments should brace for more of this. ...

Understand Culture, values to Reach, Keep Hispanic Workers

By Kathy Gurchiek
NEW ORLEANS—Companies that want to be an employer of choice for Hispanic workers need to understand the value this group places on family, their culture and their desire for self-improvement, according to Miguel Joey Aviles, founder and CEO of Virginia-based MJA International, a talent management consulting firm. ...

Management Leadership Program Aims to Boost Workforce Diversity

by Lydia Lum
Alabama State University student Jamie Coleman gained important assurance and confidence from a weekend seminar at LinkedIn, which she is now putting into practice at a Google internship.
Coleman works in Google’s sales division, helping small- and medium-size businesses get the most from their advertising accounts by optimizing content on their websites. ...

Creating a Happier, Healthier Hispanic Work Force

Creating a Happier, Healthier Hispanic Work Force

The first step in creating a harmonious work environment for your Hispanic employees is to learn about their culture and how it many impact their work.

By:  Lori Madden
While we want every member of our work force to be happy and healthy, sometimes we need to pay attention to specific employee groups or populations. ...