Stanford LatinA Engineers prioritize female engineers within SOLE

Stanford LatinA Engineers (SLAE), an organization founded within the Society of Latino Engineers (SOLE) last quarter by three female officers, is working to confront the underrepresentation of women of color involved in STEM.
When founding members proposed the creation of SLAE (pronounced “slay”) to the SOLE officer core, reactions were mixed. ...
Mar 24

Red Flags and Greenlights: How to Better Screen Your Next Hire

Save time and make better hires with screening tips from a professional recruiter.
You may already be aware that we’re in a tough hiring market, with low unemployment and more job openings than ever. If hiring is one of the many important things you're tasked with, you can speed up your hiring process and get to the best candidates quickly by setting up proper candidate screening. ...
Mar 15

Which is Politically Correct: Latino or Hispanic?

What is the difference between Hispanic and Latino?

The United States Federal Government often groups people together for information gathering purposes and in many cases does not distinguish between and origins despite the words having two separate identity meanings to individuals and unique dictionary definitions. ...
Mar 7

These Americans may suffer the most from a Trump hiring freeze

President Trump’s order this week for an immediate hiring freeze could hurt African Americans more than other workers because they make up a disproportionate share of the federal workforce.
Black workers make up 18 percent of the nation’s 2 million federal workers — more than any other minority group. ...
Mar 3

Gone in Thirty Seconds: How to Review a Resume

The work of resume review starts well before applicant resumes fill your inbox. Reviewing a resume starts with a job description or role profile so you know broadly what the job entails. Part of the job description, in an effective job description, details the qualifications and experience of the candidate you seek to fill the job. ...
Feb 21

Women, Minorities Largely Absent from Cybersecurity Jobs

Despite growing threats from hackers and a talent shortage in the information security industry, women and minorities remain significantly underrepresented in the cybersecurity profession.
Women make up just 11 percent and minorities are slightly less than 12 percent of the cyber workforce, noted Amjed Saffarini, CEO of Arlington, Va. ...
Feb 15

To Make Your Employees Happier, Lose This HR Policy

Turns out, employees are more likely to cry after a performance review than improve.

Employee reviews are meant to be helpful and constructive, but many workers say that they have the opposite effect.
In fact, a recent study commissioned by Adobe found that 80 percent of office workers would prefer on-the-spot feedback rather than periodic formal reviews. ...
Feb 9

How to Make Employee Engagement a Top Priority

The level at which a business can "engage" its employees is what determines its internal success. Yet, employee engagement has consistently averaged less than 33 percent over the past four years, according to a 2015 Gallup survey of more than 80,000 adults in the United States. ...
Jan 30

OT rule injunction: 5 things you may not (but should) know about it

Ever since a federal court judge in Texas issued an injunction, which froze the implementation of the DOL’s new overtime rule, info has come to light that employers — especially those who’ll wait to implement payroll changes until the smoke clears — need to know. ...
Jan 26

Lawsuit Alleging Hispanic Preference by Staffing Agency Proceeds

A class-action lawsuit alleging that an employment agency of unskilled laborers discriminated against black applicants in favor of Hispanic applicants may proceed despite timeliness questions, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois recently ruled. ...
Jan 17